Cloud Computing

If you are considering solutions to your high server costs, slower infrastructure builds, and low scalability, we would be glad to help you utilize cloud technologies to solve your issues. Our services for cloud computing in Singapore have earned us an enviable reputation and a strong client base.

   Help map out the right cloud setup for your current needs

   Build and manage the cloud infrastructure for you

   Continuously optimize the setup for best costs and performance for you

We enable Enterprises, SMB’s & ISV’s adopt cloud infrastructure in a secure, productive and cost-effective manner. Our customers include financial services companies, cosmetics and shipping companies for whom we have commissioned cloud-data-centers, SAP-on-cloud etc.

If you are considering ad-hoc infrastructure for Test &Dev scenarios, high performance computing for your ERP applications, or want to build a secure datacenter on the cloud., we have been there, done that- for customers in the US, Singapore & India.

We are a Registered AWS (Amazon Web Services) Consulting Partner